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As a highly acclaimed Theatre School, Dramatic Annie provides unique, fun and exciting performance opportunities for the whole family. We equip our students with the skills and experience they need to excel in confidence.

Why not come and join the adventure?


About Dramatic Annie

We’re proud of the reputation that Dramatic Annie has gained throughout the years - a place where performers can thrive and make the most of their talents.

Dramatic Annie was established in 2011 when Sophie Fitzpatrick the Director of the Theatre group approached Gayle Knight at the Civic Arts Centre with a crazy idea, Sophie had decided to bite the bullet and Direct " The Witches" by Roald Dahl. Sophie had gained lots of experience in all kinds of performing, writing, directing, set and prop making and had recently landed herself an acting agent for television and film work. Whilst Sophie was building her acting experience both on screen and off screen she had decided to give back to a community that had given her so much! With the support of Gayle Knight, the Civic Arts Centre and some Big Lottery Funding Sophie decided to put on "The Witches" under the Civic Arts Centre. During the rehearsal process it was apparent that the show had suddenly become bigger and grander than the space downstairs could offer, so we made the decision to move it "upstairs" into the main theatre. This show was a huge success and received lots of attention in the local press and beyond, it is still one of the groups favorite show to date. 

"Mum our group needs a name!" Sophie said to her mum. "DRAMATIC ANNIE, that's what I called you as a little girl, everything's always a drama young lady!" and Dramatic Annie was born.

Sophie moved from her Nan's living room, to a full rehearsal space at the Civic Arts Centre. Dramatic Annie wanted to provide unique performance opportunities for as many young people as possible, whenever possible, regardless of age or ability. Dramatic Annie still encourages all their members to experience as many different theatre styles and sessions as they can. "Without the theatre as a teenager I'd have been lost, I think young people should perform as much as they can, in as many different things as they can. I still try to build on my own  performance skills all the time!"- Sophie

Dramatic Annie is an ideal Theatre School for students to build their confidence and performance skills. Many of our past students have gone on to study at Drama school or build a successful career in the Arts Industry. Dramatic Annie writes and directs full scale shows for young people to perform all through the year and hold workshop classes designed to build students confidence, explore a range of theatre methods and most importantly for them to have fun!

In 2014 we decided to launch a younger children's workshop after the success of our "Grimm Tales" production. This was the start of "Munchkins Drama" for children under seven. Since then we have launched our "DADA-Dramatic Annie Dance Academy" offering a range of dance sessions with our amazing choreographers. Not forgetting our super fun "DAFTO" community panto group and our sassy, dance and fitness sessions for adults. We are sure you will find something on our timetable for the whole family!

We are always looking for new ways to re-invent ourselves, new and exciting chances to perform and new faces to join our group. So why not come along and get involved?!

Dramatic Annie is not just a drama group its a family. Come along and join the adventure and find out more!

Sophie Fitzpatrick



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We are so excited and just can't hide it!

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“We know who we are, but know not what we may be”

William Shakespeare


  • Mon1 hr
    4.50 British pounds

  • Mon1 hr
    4.50 British pounds

  • Mon1 hr 15 min
    5 British pounds

  • Wed1 hr
    4.50 British pounds

  • Wed1 hr
    4.50 British pounds

  • Thu1 hr
    4.50 British pounds