Firstly, thank you again for supporting us at this very difficult time, we appreciate your support so much. We would like to assure all our members that we are doing everything we possibly can to ensure everyone’s safety. The comfort and safety of our members and staff is of paramount importance and we would like to inform members of our continued guidelines and additional measures.

Please find below the extra measures we have put in place for the foreseeable future.

Before Sessions

• Extra, thorough cleaning of the studio will take place before, in between and after sessions.

• If you / your child or any members of your household are displaying any of the published coronavirus symptoms, please DO NOT attend our sessions under any circumstances. Please stay at home and follow government guidance on self-isolation/testing.

• We have a staff member with a severe, life-threatening AIRBOURNE Strawberry allergy. All strawberry products are banned in the building. Please inform us of any other allergies.

• Please arrive ready in your appropriate session attire. Changing will not be permitted in the studio space.

• Please note that tuck shop snacks will not be available for purchase at this time. Members are welcome to bring their own refreshments (No Strawberry products) with them and will be given a designated space in the studio to leave them.

• Before attending our sessions please either thoroughly wash your hands with soap/water or use hand sanitiser.

• To help minimise the spread of Covid-19, we will not be taking any payments at the studio at this time. To confirm booking all sessions need to be paid for in advance via our website. Arrival Hippings Vale is now operating a one-way system, please always adhere to all social distancing and follow all signage and floor markers.

• On arrival, please wait in your car/ outside until five minutes before your session is due to start.

• Session participants – please wait outside the building until your session leader comes to the door to invite you to come in. There will be a designated “DROP OFF” queueing area to the left side of the Hippings front doors, where we ask that you queue whilst maintaining social distancing. (Please bring an umbrella in case it is raining!)

• To reduce the amount of people in the building, parents are asked to leave children with us at this DROP OFF point at the front doors. Once the session is ready to start the front door will be closed. If for any reason you are late, please call the session leader. (We know this may be difficult for some of our younger children, but we believe that this is the safest thing to do for everyone. May I remind parents that all our staff members have enhanced DBS Checks and have all completed extra training prior to our re-opening.)

• On entry to the building please use the hand sanitising gel from the station provided at the studio entrance. Please repeat where necessary i.e. after coughing, sneezing etc and when leaving the studio.

• All adults and children of secondary school age must wear a face covering when moving around the building. Masks can be removed once inside the studio. Disposable masks are available on request.

• Session leaders will ask each participant if they are experiencing any symptoms. Temperature checks may be required at this time. We do not want to scare any of our younger children at this difficult time so these questions will be asked to parents.

• At the end of the class, the session leader will accompany the children back to the main door and parents are asked to wait in the COLLECTION queue to the right side of the entrance door where we will hand back over to parents. It is compulsory that primary school aged children are met by a parent at this point. (Secondary school children will be permitted to leave if they have prior written permission to walk to the car park or home) Toilets

• We kindly ask that only two people use the toilet facilities at any one time. Our session leaders will always monitor this. Studio/Session Information

• Within the main studio, there will be a designated area for each member to put their belongings/equipment. Please keep personal belongings/extra clothing to an absolute minimum. These areas will be sanitised whenever there is a changeover of session.

• Each studio will have a maximum number of participants based on the room capacity and each participant will have a square marked out for them to perform/dance/exercise in. We call this their “Safe Space”.

• Although the room has a maximum number of participants, we are reducing our session sizes further to ensure our members safety.

• Please keep to your own square for the duration of the class.

• No physical contact will be permitted between other participants or our staff unless you are from the same household.

• If for any reason we need to administer First Aid one staff member will use a mask, gloves and visor.

• A Two metre social distance must always be maintained unless you are from the same household.

• Any props used in our drama sessions will be thoroughly cleaned or disposed of after sessions.

• Any script material will be disposed of after sessions to reduce transmittance of the virus.

• Shouting will be kept to a minimum to stop an aerosol transmittance of the virus. General Information/Procedures

• Please note that all our sessions are now booking only, with reduced session sizes. We cannot accept any walk ins at this time.

• To book your child’s place on a session, please visit our website.

• Please do not visit the Civic for making general enquiries or bookings. We kindly ask that all general enquiries/bookings are done via our website, Facebook/ Insta page or via phone/email.

• The Civic have in place an enhanced cleaning programme with particular attention to regularly touched areas such as door handles, work surfaces etc. This has been tailored around each individual session booking.

• We will retain details (name & telephone number) of all visitors to our sessions for 21 days after their visit so that we are able to contact them should there be any concerns that they may have come into contact with anyone that has since tested positive for the virus whilst at the civic.